Border Collies von den Agility-Freaks

Hello Border Collie-friends, 

I want to introduce myself:

I am Ursula and I live in a little town near Frankfurt, together with my Border Collie  Jacey.

Jacey lives with me since 22th of November 2013. He is a sweet little dog. Very fast und lively.

My Mitch died on the 12th of June 2014. I am so sad. Mitch was an incredibly great and lovely dog. You will find his successes here: Obedience

My Gypsy died suddenly on the 23th of August 2013. I miss him infinitely. You will find his successes here: Obedience

You will find all about my lovely Lad, I miss him much, here: Detania Arion .


              Lad                 Josy                  Mitch

Gypsy King  und  Mitch

If you want to know something about Mitch's mum Josy, please have a look at "Josy". My sweet Josy goes to the rainbow bridge on the 2nd of September 2009. I miss her much. It doesn't matter, that she didn't live the last years with me.