Mitch von den Agility-Freaks

13th of April 2014 - My sweet Mitch 23th of February 2014 - Mitch works so nice

30th of January 2014 - Mitch is playing with Jacey


Mitch sleeps a lot

28th of May 2013 - Mitch is playing with the ball

18th of January 2013

14th of February 2012 - Snow for a few hours

Mitch is 11 years old

12th of June 2011

Mitch is 10 years old

Mitch and his tricks

21th of September 2008

Have a look at Mitch's ears

5th of May 2008 - Mitch and puppy Gypsy

18th of February 2007 - Mitch with brother Laddie

2nd of July 2006 - Agility competition in Dreieichenhain

30th of Dec. 2005 -Mitch in the age of 5

11.10.2003 - Mitch starts in Agility 2

April 2003  - 
Mitch is nearly 2 1/2years old

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